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About Us

Founded in 2020 as a high-tech startup in Vienna, Austria. Supported by one of the best academic incubators worldwide INiTS. A skilled and dedicated team of four with a proven track record. An innovative product, a unique technology and performant business model. A perfect starting point for partners and investors to reach exceptional growth in a yet untapped market.

Our Culture

We trust in radical truth, openness, and transparency. We value integrity and share a unified deep commitment to our vision and mission. We overcome challenges through iterative, learning, collaboration, reflective listening and collective intelligence. We make our decisions through knowledge, data and not positional power. 

We do everything to understand and solve the problems of our customers. We optimize for them and thus create products they love and get excited about.
We are not afraid to have simple solutions to simple problems. For us, simplicity has precedence over complexity and usefulness over uselessness.
Let's revolutionize an entire industry together!