Legally prepare photos or videos for online sharing & monetization.

The Blurry app is here to aid you along the way: make your photos & videos legally compliant, reach consensus with people & brands, specify terms for online use and make money in the digital world!

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producing & selling digital image content is hard

Let Blurry take over legal compliance & monetization

Set terms for online use, reach consensus with people and brands, apply smart licensing, know how your content is being used, share your images on social media, blogs or messages and earn money. Blurry takes care of the sales process and will make your images legally compliant before you start publishing or selling so you can relax.

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Content licensing can feel like pulling teeth

License and host image content everywhere

With Blurry you can go beyond using common stock photos. Just reach out to our content creators with your individual content needs through our marketplace, social media or messaging services. Buy or license content through those channels at a push of a button. We already made sure that the image content is legally safe and that terms of use are transparent for you to see and understand.

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Why Blurry?

Avoid legal burden

Enjoy storing, sharing or publishing your digital images with peace of mind. Avoid violating law or risking legal claims, lawsuits, fines and other compensations.

Be more efficient

Within seconds make your photos, videos and livestreams compliant to personal or legal requirements. Keep the quality, appeal and visual context of the image.

Generate Income

Set your terms and make agreements as a content creator. Prevent loss of revenue or damage of reputation. Protect your image rights and ensure a steady stream of income.

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